Proactol™ vs. Alli – which can offer you the best weight loss results?
Proactol™ Alli
Effectiveness: Effectiveness:
(Restricted by FSA to 12 weeks)
Price: Price:
Clinical Testing:
(5 successful trials since 1997)
Clinical Testing:
Medical Backing: Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Medical Backing: Is at the centre of huge debate for containing Xenical (at half strength) which was formerly banned
Side Effects: None Side Effects:
oily spotting (diahorrea)
muscle cramps
gall bladder problems

Fed up of being duped into buying the latest weight loss product, only to find out later that its benefits do not match what they were offering? We know we are.

That is why we have compared all the leading weight loss products on the market to ascertain which can offer the best weight loss results.

And we think we have found them: Proactol™ and Alli.

What is Proactol™?

proactolProactol™ is clinically proven to:

  • Bind up to 28% of your dietary fat intake
  • Suppress your appetite
  • Lower your blood cholesterol levels
  • Decrease food cravings
  • Reduce your calorie intake by 150 calories per meal
  • Increase joint flexibility
  • Reduce aching limbs

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What is Alli?

alliAlli is clinically proven to:

  • Prevent the absorption of fat by 25% by inhibiting the enzyme in your pancreas that is responsible for the breaking down triglyceride in your intestines
  • Reduces calorie intake

Both renowned for reducing fat ingestion, their initial similarities are impressive. But after a closer look, we discovered some startling side effects about Alli that put Proactol at the forefront of our minds as the dietary supplement to recommend.

The down side of Alli diet pills – the messy side effects!

Gas, incontinence and oily spotting (diarrhoea)… these are just to name a few of the embarrassing negative side effects that Alli pills have got to offer. But this is not the worse of it. Many customers have reported continued discomfort even a week after they have stopped using the product. Not exactly confidence inspiring when you compare Alli to Proactol™.

With no known side effects, Proactol™ offers nothing of the above. If anything it is much more efficient – 3% more efficient to be exact.

The root of the problem…

Placed side by side, one of the many limitations we found with Alli is its one sidedness. Yes it is true - if your diet is well balanced with less than 15g of fat per meal, you will experience an easy weight loss of 1-2lbs a week. But apart from reducing a consumer’s fat intake by 25%, it hasn’t got much else to offer, other than the ritual dilemma of: is it safe to go out?

In truth, there is nothing easy about having to worry about the movement of your bowels every time you go out, nor the problems of controlling your fat intake per meal.

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We prefer Proactol™ - no side effects

From quality to affordability, Proactol™ may first be recognised as a natural fat-binder, but its numerous other health benefits are simply the icing on the cake to this incredible product.

From appetite suppression to a reduced calorie intake to lower blood cholesterol, consumers can also benefit from it longevity.

There is no shelf life to how long they can use it for, which is great news for anyone who struggles to keep the weight off. Once they have loss those excess lbs, they can continue to use Proactol™ to maintain their new weight for as long as they need.

This is not to say that Alli diet pills have got no benefits.

Ignoring its many side effects, when consumers invest in Alli pills they can experience guaranteed weight loss at a real and affordable price. Its marketability as your ‘ally’ has gone a long way.

It is just simply comes down to the question of: how long can consumers cope with its numerous side effects before they give in?

Too many flaws - Alli

Yet these messy side effects were the least of our concerns when we reviewed the Alli dietary pill. Its history was astounding too.

Made from Xenical, the dietary supplement has had to be reduced to half strength in order for it to be allowed on the market. So yes, they may claim to be the only over the counter dietary supplement to be approved by leading health authorities, but the lengths it has gone to, to reach this status is questionable.

And Alli’s side effects? We simply cannot ignore them when there are other products on the market such as Proactol™, who can offer better results, with no risk of the embarrassment.

Our Recommendation is Proactol

So, if you are searching for a genuine solution to natural weight loss, we recommend Proactol™.

Unique and versatile, customers can benefit from more than easy weight loss when they use Proactol™. They can receive all the help and support they need to achieve the bodies they have always wanted… the right way.

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